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Space Power

The power of Space in achieving universal energy access

Contrary to most of the flexible alternatives that are available only in economically mature regions, depending on a modern infrastructure, with Internet Of Things or similar, we see the potential of energy flexibility to assure electricity access. We innovate by taking the best Space has to offer to provide a fast and stable flexible electrical system to remote areas. And we go beyond, empowering the local communities, because we not only care about the technology, we care about the people, about their lives.


The Problem

75% of the world's population without energy access lives in SSA. The causes for this lack of access are both on the supply and demand sides. The problem also hinders progress toward the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


Our solution

Write here a summary of what will be found at the Solution page.

Experts' Feedback

“You and your team have a fabulous idea on energy access
in SSA. It has a great potential to apply such ideas in SSA
and elsewhere such as the Asia and Pacific region.”

Hongpeng Liu

Director of the Energy Division, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

“[...] I am really happy and excited about what you are presenting,
I can see you have invested a lot of time analyzing the problem[...]. I see your proposal has a high component of innovation and social impact, and I also think it is technically feasible, [...] 
"focuses on making the grid flexible

and has a great impact on the SSA region."

Carmen Garcia

Electrical Engineer; Researcher at National Institute of Electricity and Clean Energies; Member of the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World

“[...] I have to congratulate you for such a great job, perfect analysis of the current situation and the proposal of two ideas. Great job, it is grateful to see how young people are able to create ideas like that, to have a better world. Continue like that!”

Igor Goiriena

Basque Engineer focused on Electronics and Industrial Organization

Our supporters

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